Meditation as Social Change

Meditation Without Borders was founded in 2019 by friends and colleagues, Kristen Vandivier, Isabel Keoseyan, and Shannon O’Dalton who shared a common vision that the powerful technique of Vedic Meditation is the most effective catalyst for the unifying social change our world needs.

Vedic Meditation (Nishkam Karma Yoga in Sanskrit) is an effortless mental technique that allows one to experience fully-awake restful consciousness and its many physiological benefits. Kristen, Isabel and Shannon learned this style of meditation from pre-eminent master teacher Thom Knoles or as he is known in India, Maharishi Vyasananda who learned it from his master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is a committed, twice a day practice taught over four days that has been scientifically proven to dramatically improve one’s physical health, mental clarity and emotional state.

This style of meditation is practiced by thousands of people around the world, but has been often characterized as a stress-relieving technique for those of means. The women of Meditation Without Borders believe that meditation needs to play a bigger role in the effort to shift the global crisis of consciousness that has led to so much division and suffering.


Isabel Keoseyan


Isabel was born and raised in Mexico City and is the only teacher of Vedic Meditation in Mexico under the tradition of the Shankaracharyas. After completing an intensive curriculum of training under reknowned Master Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles, she studied in India for three months where she met her colleague and friend, Kristen Vandivier. In addition to being a Vedic Meditation teacher, she is also a volunteer as a Laughter Doctor for the Risaterapia association. Read more about her at Isabel Keoseyan Vedic Meditation.


Kristen Vandivier


Kristen Vandivier is an instructor of Vedic Meditation based in California. After completing an intensive curriculum of training under reknowned Master Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles, including a three-month immersion program in the Himalayas where she and Isabel met, Kristen returned to found The Vedic Method. She lives in Mill Valley with her husband and three children. Read more about her at The Vedic Method.

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Shannon O’Dalton


Shannon, with her husband Nick, founded Heart Without Borders, of which Meditation Without Borders is a subsidiary. She has taught Vedic Meditation since 2014 and connected with Kristen by assisting her in her teacher training. In addition to teaching Vedic Meditation, Shannon is also a yoga teacher, performance artist, and mother to two boys. Read more about her at Heart Without Borders.